conceptual works

There are some photographers who pursue and depict real events in the form of news, facts and places.
There are some photographers who evoke these events using impressions, shades and suggestions.
Raffaella Castagnoli chooses to use both approaches to bring us her vision of the facts.

She uses alternating sequence, diptych and graphics as tools to represent both her exteriority and her inner spirit. The true picture of the world we see alternates with her inner world. With great narrative skill, Raffaella brings us an exhibition that demonstrates profound unity, using the flow of time in its various nuances and extensions.

Narratives like “Silence” depict the slow, deep rhythm of breathing, drawing us in and inviting us to linger with our eyes.

Through the use of the “Battito” graphic signal, she explores strength, energy and the power of time in the red sequence of cardiac rhythm.

A gaze where you lost the place in deep blacks to become one absolute flow of time and for this universal witness.

“Cave hominem” man and stone, work and matter, a relationship between the needs of humanity in the here and now and a presence that comes from far away, lost in time. Even here nature is perennially present, often violated, but solemn and strong. At contrast perhaps with the man’s veiled signs of defeat and despair.

Only – at the end – in the last shot of impossible beauty, it seems to make a belated redemption, although still remaining full of “compassion”.

Alberto Prina

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