Due to modern technology, the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps mountains are inflicting the worst environmental disaster in Europe. The cave on crest and processing waste pollute the natural springs and rivers, the trucks fill the air of particulate matter, the big works destroy the hydrological environment habitat, which increases geometrically from year after year endangering the health and safety of the inhabitants. About 9 million tons of marble produced each year, 3/4 are used in the production of calcium carbonate with which toothpastes are made, for whitening paper and other things, not for sure to provide blocks to do something like a Michelangelo’s statue. we must pay attention at this disaster because the Apuan Alps, that is a Regional Park, are going to be “vanished mountain”, this is why i’ve call this project “cave hominem”. originally the latin phrase is “cave canem” that means “pay attention to the dog” and i use it for the double meaning of this word, “cave” in italian for marble cave and “cave” in latin for attention.