Horse is an animal that more than others in my imagination it is an expression of freedom, born to live free in open spaces.

Its use to the present day as a mere instrument of pleasure man led me to ask myself many questions and one of them is if it’s a right thing “coerce” him in the box during the week and then “use” him to ride in the weekend, while declaring that you love him.

So did this project, a story concerning the return to life when the horse comes out of the box, a story created by the union of the images of this majestic animal, in movement and then slow until the stillness of the final moment,¬†and the graphic of the track of the heartbeat that emphasizes the power that is unleashed in the freedom’s moment, a vitality so violent that brings nearly to the infarction, then stabilize and flatten to indicate a kind of death, about the unnatural life largely forced by four walls and gaze becomes fixed, glassy and everything seems to be quiet around.

But the memory of the prairie ideal always will press on hocks and heart.