un silenzio adeguato

This project develops along two parallel lines, outwardly dissimilar, two different situations, the thought behind it appearing to differ but which in reality you sense merging into one.
There are several possible analyses and different ways to interpret this research which investigates the meaning of life and death.
The representation of a work area that scares us due to the production of objects that historically have made us feel uneasy; a kind of declaration of accepting what is, after all, our reality.  Our last resting place will be made there. The people making them do so without problem; they spend every day among these depressing objects but which are part of our lives.  We don’t like it but that’s the way it is.
It’s like a warning telling us to try and live our lives the best way we can to accomplish everything before we get to those final resting places, where everything switches off.
But reflection continues.  There is the other side that lets us see things from another angle.
In contrast the other images show a figure navigating in the sea, symbolizing the water in which we were born and that we see as synonymous with the path of life.
A protagonist drifting in situations, you lose yourself and you find yourself.  In the darkness of hard and sad times we are troubled and look to find a glimmer of hope, a cone of light, a force that comes to the rescue to save us.
We were in the dark but after waiting we saw the light.
Navigating, like life, is full of danger but also moments of ecstasy. The light is there, we can find it.

Orietta Bay